I am an Engineer for Space Technology & Applications, a Geophysicist and a Web-Application Developer. During my studies and work as a freelancer I acquired the ability to develop multi-disciplinary projects from scratch and find smart solutions for complex problems.


 October 2011 – October 2013

Technical University Munich
M.Sc. Earth Oriented Space Science and Technology

Master Thesis: Cloud Statistics from Calipso Lidar Data for the Performance Assessment of a Methane Space Lidar
Institute: Institute for Physics of the Atmosphere, DLR

September 2007August 2011

Technical University Munich / Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
B.Sc. Geosciences (concentration in Geophysics)

Bachelor Thesis: Seismic Data Analysis with ObsPy
Institute: Geophysical Department, LMU


July 2014 – present

LSE Space, Oberpfaffenhofen

Mission Control System Engineer

  • Installing, deploying and maintaining the Mission Control Subsystem for the Columbus (European Lab) module
    of the International Space Station (ISS) at GSOC/DLR (German Space Operations Center);
  • Troubleshooting of interfaced subsystems and the MCS;
  • Support of simulation and testing for the Columbus module;
  • Maintaining the simulation facilities of the Columbus module (TQVS);
  • Development and programming of support tools for the operational infrastructure;
  • Development and integration of the future European Ground Systems – Common Core (EGS-CC)
    Monitoring and Control System for GSOC/DLR;

October 2013 – June 2014

Hein Kreinecker Messner GbR, Munich


  • Processing geological-, geophysical- and engineering problems on my own responsibility;
  • Processing and editing geodesic data for construction projects all over the world;

April 2013 – September 2013

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR), Oberpfaffenhofen

Working Student /Master Student

  • Processing CALIPSO satellite data as precursor for MERLIN mission;
  • Development of processing routines for statistical data analysis with Python;
  • Development of retrieval algorithms for LIDAR measurements;
  • Development of a Python toolbox with PyQt for CALIPSO data analysis;

October 2009 – March 2013

Hein Kreinecker Messner GbR, Munich

Working Student/Freelancer

  • Processing geological-, geophysical- and engineering problems on my own responsibility;
  • Developing several computer programs to simplify some processes;
  • Processing and editing geodesic data for construction projects all over the world;

January 2008 – December 2010

Technical University Munich, Munich
Institute of Automatic Control Engineering

Working Student

  • Developing new intuitive programs for the existing web platform;
  • Led the development team, consisting of three working students;

January 2003 – June 2014

Nicomedia, Gruenwald


  • Creation and processing of web and print related content like design-templates and GUIs, DVDs or business cards;
  • Programming websites, intranet pages and intuitive programs with a web output or GUI;



IT & Programming

Excellent knowledge of Adobe Suite (AE, FL, DW, AI, ID, PS)
Excellent knowledge in MS Office
Excellent knowledge in Windows operating systems i.e. from Windows 95 to Windows Server 2012
Very good knowledge in PHP/MySQL, HTML, CSS, Ajax and JavaScript programming
Very good knowledge in CMS Typo3, Joomla and WordPress
Very good knowledge of ArchiCAD 11/12/15/16/17
Very good knowledge of Maple 12/13 and Matlab
Very good knowledge in UNIX operating systems like SUSE (SLES) or Ubuntu (Ubuntu LTS)
Very good knowledge in configuring network devices and combine different systems in a cluster
Very good knowledge of Apache and IIS Server Infrastructure
Very good knowledge of Python 2.6.x/3.x and GUI programming with the QT-Framework (PyQt)
Very good knowledge of PyCharm Python IDE
Good knowledge of ArcGIS 10.1, Python Scripting and the JavaScript API
Good knowledge of AGI’s STK
Good knowledge of version control software like SVN and Github
Good knowledge of software development methods based on Scrum
Good knowledge of Oracle Database Server 11g
Good knowledge of Java
Good knowledge of Eclipse IDE
Good knowledge of IBM DOORS
Basic knowledge of ESA’s ECSS Software Standards
Basic knowledge of ESA’s BEAM/NEST Toolbox
Basic knowledge of AutoCAD
Basic knowledge of C++


Agile Project Delivery: An Introduction using Scrum (2017)
2 day course Introduction of Agile project delivery within the Scrum framework

Professional Communication Skills, Fistral Training and Consultancy Ltd. (2016)
3 day course Communicating and presenting effectively in the Space Industry within the European Space Agency (ESA)

SpaceOps 2016, The 14th International Conference on Space Operations, KARI / AIAA / SpaceOps (2016)
5 day technical forum of the space operations community that addresses state-of-the-art operations principles, methods, and tools.

Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Workshop by Jeff Sutherland (2015)
2 day course Scrum Workshop by Jeff Sutherland (Co-author of Scrum), Preparation for CSM certification

Project Management Principles II, Fistral Training and Consultancy Ltd. (2015)
3 day course Advanced Project Management Skills, Preparation for PMI certification PMP

Java Fundamentals Intensive, Integrata AG (2015)
3 day course
Java Fundamentals, Object Oriented Concepts, Java Libraries and Swing, Eclipse as Development IDE

Project Management Principles I, Fistral Training and Consultancy Ltd. (2015)
4 day course Project Management in the real world, Introduction to Project Risk Management, Managing Projects using MS Project, Preparation for PMI certification

Oracle Database Administration (2014)
5 day course Administration and installation of Oracle Database Server, backup & recovery concepts and procedures as well as RDBMS

Cultural Diversity and Conflict Management (2014)
3 day course Focuses on different cultural aspects in an international working environment like ESA/DLR and how to interact with colleagues from abroad

Cultural Competence Workshop (2011)
2 day course Focuses on differing cultural expectations in an academic environment to assist in the transition to your new academic environment

DLR Summer School 2011 – Space Technology for Maritime Traffic Engineering (2011)
5 day course Workshop to deepen the knowledge of GPS based navigation for maritime business

Talentmanagement for Entrepreneurs (2011)
2 day course
Recruiting, Selection and Development of Employees – Strategies and Concepts

Advanced course “Businessplan Seminar”, UnternehmerTUM GmbH (2009)
Deepen the knowledge of business concepts and sharpen presentation skills for international audience;

Basic course “Businessplan Seminar“, UnternehmerTUM GmbH (2008)
Working in a team and developing own business ideas, checking their marketability by way of customer surveys;


German – native

English – fluent

French – intermediate




2017, Geyer, MPG., Braun, A., Gärtner, S., Hamacher, P., Schlag, L., Schröder-Lanz, A.K., Stangl, C., Trebbin, N.  „Migrating from GSOC’s SCOS derivate GECCOS to a distributed EGS-CC operations environment based on CCSDS MO/MAL„, In: SESP 2017 Conference Proceedings.

2016, Trebbin, N. „Virtualization of the Columbus Control Room Infrastructure„, In: SpaceOps 2016 Conference, SpaceOps Conferences.

2015, Trebbin, N., Stoecker, A., Szczuka, M. „Virtualization of the Columbus Control Room Infrastructure„, In: ESAW 2015 Conference Proceedings, pp. 63-64.

2015,  Trebbin, N. „Virtualization of the Columbus Control Room Infrastructure„, Poster for ESAW 2015.

2013, Trebbin, N. „Cloud Statistics from Calipso Lidar Data for the Performance Assessment of a Methane Space Lidar„, Master-Thesis, TU München in DLR eLIB


March 2017 – present

Columbus MCS-R Design and Development

In the framework of a Columbus programme lasting until 2024, the migration of current MCS functions towards the next generation of MCS (based on EGS-CC) is currently being prepared and analyzed. The essential Phase B approach consists of engineering activities (requirements re-engineering, software architectural design engineering) as well as prototyping activities (design and development of prototypes) .

Technologies used: Java, Eclipse, Maven, Jenkins, Nexus, Git, ATLASSiAN Confluence, Jira, Apache Karaf (OSGI),
Apache Hadoop, JeroMQ, ActiveMQ, CORBA, UML, Cloudera Cluster Management, PostgreSQL, ADA, Enterprise Architect, DOORS

November 2015 – present

EGS-CC Integration and Development

The European Ground Systems – Common Core (EGSCC) is a European initiative to develop a common infrastructure to support space systems monitoring and control in pre- and post-launch phases for all mission types. The EGSCC development environment is a Continuous Integration Environment.

Technologies used: Java, Eclipse, Maven, Jenkins, Nexus, Git, ATLASSiAN Confluence, Jira, Apache Karaf (OSGI),
Apache Hadoop, JeroMQ, CORBA, UML, Cloudera Cluster Management, PostgreSQL

September 2014 – present

PyCon –A python connection broker

PyCon (Python Connect) was developed to support the MCS/SATMON Client Virtualization of the Columbus Project at DLR/GSOC. It provides the middleware that is necessary to manage and configure the connection and assignment of Thin Clients to MCS Clients and SATMON Clients. Therefore, it consists of a PyCon DB that holds all information about physical machines and virtual machines, PyCon Config that provides a graphical user interface to administer the assignment of virtual machines to Thin Clients and PyCon Login that consists of an interface for the Thin Client for end user interaction.

Technologies used: MySQL, Python, PyQt, ZeroMQ, JSON

April 2013 – October 2013

CalipsoStat –A python data analysis tool for the CALIPSO mission

In order to obtain statistically significant data from the CALIPSO mission and to draw concrete conclusions for the aspired MERLIN mission, a software was developed as the need for a fast and easy way to process the data was apparent and no such tool was publicly available.

Technologies used: Python, PyQt, HDF


Unternehmertum – Talent Pool

Scrum Alliance ® – Certified Scrum Master

Oracle® – Certified Oracle Database Administrator

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